To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rory Gallagher's eponymous 1971 debut solo album, UMC is pleased to announce the 3 September 2021 release of a Limited Edition 3LP Vinyl set. Available now to pre-order at

 The album will include a brand-new mix of the original album, along with previously unreleased outtakes and alternate takes, plus four 1971 BBC Radio Sounds of the Seventies session tracks, all mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

 If ever there was a “musician’s musician” then that accolade belongs to Rory Gallagher. Renowned for his blistering live performances and highly respected for his dedication to his craft, he died in 1995, aged just 47.

 Rory’s timeless reputation has continued to flourish in the years since. Indeed, some of rock’s most seminal figures, from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani to Joe Bonamassa, Queen’s Brian May to The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, Slash of Guns N Roses to the Edge of U2, have cited him as an influence. Rory remains a touchstone for all would-be guitar heroes in the 21st Century

 When asked “How does it feel to be the best guitarist in the world,” Jimi replied, “I don’t know, why don’t you go and ask Rory Gallagher.” – Jimi Hendrix

Track Listing:
1. Laundromat - 50th Anniversary Edition
2. Just The Smile - 50th Anniversary Edition
3. I Fall Apart - 50th Anniversary Edition
4. Wave Myself Goodbye - 50th Anniversary Edition
5. Hands Up - 50th Anniversary Edition

1. Sinner Boy - 50th Anniversary Edition
2. For The Last Time - 50th Anniversary Edition
3. It's You - 50th Anniversary Edition
4. I'm Not Surprised - 50th Anniversary Edition
5. Can't Believe It's True - 50th Anniversary Edition

1. Gypsy Woman - Tangerine Studio Session
2. It Takes Time - Tangerine Studio Session
3. I Fall Apart - Tangerine Studio Session
4. At The Bottom - Alternate Take 3
5. At The Bottom - Alternate Take 4