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The late '70s were such a creatively fertile period for Roy Ayers and his associates that many of his finest recordings never made it onto the official releases. Ayers kept the master tapes in storage until Peter Adarkwah of BBE Records in London got wind of them, at which point they were collected on the aptly named 'Virgin Ubiquity'. The songs feature all the different permutations of Roy Ayers' band, which maintained a core philosophy through shifting rhythm sections and vocalists.

Track Listing:
1. Boogie Down - Roy Ayers
2. What's the T? - Roy Ayers
3. I Really Love You - Roy Ayers
4. Oh What a Lonely Feeling - Roy Ayers
5. Sugar - Roy Ayers
6. Mystery of Love - Roy Ayers
7. Green and Gold - Roy Ayers
8. Brand New Feeling - Roy Ayers
9. I Did It in Seattle - Roy Ayers
10. Mystic Voyage (Version) - Roy Ayers
11. I Just Wanna Give It Up - Roy Ayers
12. Together Forever - Roy Ayers
13. I Am Your Mind - Roy Ayers

Year of Production: 1981