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The second studio album by the English rock duo. The album is considered by most critics to be compositionally similar to the band's breakthrough debut album; both of the albums are stylistically very similar, with Kerr's bass serving as the music's focal point, but it has a softer sound compared to their debut. Features the singles 'Lights Out', 'I Only Lie When I Love You', 'How Did We Get So Dark?' and 'Hole in Your Heart'.

1. How Did We Get So Dark? - Royal Blood
2. Lights Out - Royal Blood
3. I Only Lie When I Love You - Royal Blood
4. She's Creeping - Royal Blood
5. Look Like You Know - Royal Blood
6. Where Are You Now? - Royal Blood
7. Don't Tell - Royal Blood
8. Hook, Line & Sinker - Royal Blood
9. Hole in Your Heart - Royal Blood
10. Sleep - Royal Blood

Year of Production:2017