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On 'The Lillywhite Sessions', Walker and drummer Ryan Jewell and bassist Andrew Scott Young cover Dave Matthews Band's infamously abandoned 2001 art-rock masterpiece of the same name, a record where he and his band indulged a new adult pathos and a budding musical wanderlust. This end-to-end interpretation of youthful fascination is a collective reminder that we are all just kids from somewhere, reckoning with our upbringing the best we can. Walker has stepped through the door long ago opened by the Dave Matthews Band to find a world teeming with musical possibilities. On 'The Lillywhite Sessions', he has, in turn, created his own.

Track Listing:
1. Busted Stuff - Ryley Walker
2. Grey Street - Ryley Walker
3. Diggin' a Ditch - Ryley Walker
4. Sweet Up and Down - Ryley Walker
5. JTR - Ryley Walker
6. Big Eyed Fish - Ryley Walker
7. Grace Is Gone - Ryley Walker
8. Captain - Ryley Walker
9. Bartender - Ryley Walker
10. Monkey Man - Ryley Walker
11. Kit Kat Jam - Ryley Walker
12. Raven - Ryley Walker

Year of Production: 2018