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Following the release of his huge summer singles 'Chemicals' and the Robyn and Channel Tres collaborative smash 'Impact', UK songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist SG Lewis announced the release of his long-awaited debut album, 'times'. The album finds one of modern pop's secret weapons stepping out front and centre, as he takes listeners on a voyage through soaring electronic dance and kaleidoscopic future disco, with the help of a few friends along the way. On the album, Sam says ''times' is an ode to the present moment. 2020 has shown us that the experiences we took for granted in the past, are never promised tomorrow, and that the opportunity to dance together may not always be there again'.

Track Listing:
1. Time (Feat. Rhye) - SG Lewis
2. Feed the Fire (Feat. Lucky Daye) - SG Lewis
3. Back to Earth - SG Lewis
4. One More (Feat. Nile Rodgers) - SG Lewis
5. Heartbreak On the Dancefloor (Feat. Frances) - SG Lewis
6. Rosner's Interlude - SG Lewis
7. Chemicals - SG Lewis
8. Impact (Feat. Robyn & Channel Tres) - SG Lewis
9. All We Have (Feat. Lastlings) - SG Lewis
10. Fall - SG Lewis

Year of Production: 2020