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Fourth studio album by the legendary American R&B singer and songwriter, originally released in 1960. The album features the classic single 'Wonderful World', as well as 'Blue Moon', 'With You' and 'You Were Made for Me'.

Track Listing:
1. (What A) Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
2. Desire Me - Sam Cooke
3. Summertime (Part 2) - Sam Cooke
4. Almost in Your Arms (Love Song from 'Houseboat') - Sam Cooke
5. That's Heaven to Me - Sam Cooke
6. No One (Can Ever Take Your Place) - Sam Cooke
7. With You - Sam Cooke
8. Blue Moon - Sam Cooke
9. Stealing Kisses - Sam Cooke
10. You Were Made for Me - Sam Cooke
11. There I've Said It Again - Sam Cooke
12. I Thank God - Sam Cooke

Year of Production: 1960