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After releasing her previous album in 2017, Samantha Crain thought she would never make music again. Instead she found herself trying to work out how to live without the use of her hands, which had become paralysed. However, with a steeliness and concrete determination to at least employ music as a pastime, if no longer professionally, she tasked herself with perseverance in finding her way back to health. And she never gave up. Somehow, the paralysis in her hands eventually abated, and Samantha was able to transfer the music that she had been able to dream up in her head to the guitar and then to record in what she describes as a miraculous 'bonus round' to her career. This new found appreciation and gratitude for still being able to make music professionally can be heard throughout this album. It's a record that brims with hope and a deft wryness, packed with the sort of melodies and stories that have been warming the hearts of those so familiar with and fond of her work over the years.

Track Listing:
1. An Echo - Samantha Crain
2. Pastime - Samantha Crain
3. Holding to the Edge of Night - Samantha Crain
4. High Horse - Samantha Crain
5. Reunion - Samantha Crain
6. Joey - Samantha Crain
7. Constructive Eviction - Samantha Crain
8. Garden Dove - Samantha Crain
9. Tough for You - Samantha Crain
10. When We Remain - Samantha Crain
11. Little Bits - Samantha Crain

Year of Production: 2020