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Debut album from Los Angeles-based songwriter and multiinstrumentalist SASAMI. Sasami Ashworth wrote the album's ten tautly melodic rock tracks over the course of a year on tour, playing keys and guitar with Cherry Glazerr, tracking the thrills, disappointments and non-starters of a year spent newly single and on the road.
Track Listing:
1. I Was a Window (Feat. Dustin Payseur) - SASAMI
2. Not the Time - SASAMI
3. Morning Comes - SASAMI
4. Free (Feat. Devendra Banhart) - SASAMI
5. Pacify My Heart - SASAMI
6. At Hollywood - SASAMI
7. Jealousy - SASAMI
8. Callous - SASAMI
9. Adult Contemporary (Feat. Soko) - SASAMI
10. Turned Out I Was Everyone - SASAMI

Year of Production: 2019