Trailblazing UK jazz renegade, saxophonist Sean Khan delivers his scintillating new album 'Supreme Love: a Journey Through Coltrane' on BBE Music. 'Who is John Coltrane for me?' asks Khan. 'He is man, legend, myth, storyteller, sage and atmosphere. My road and journey has been a rocky one, and like most on this journey, I have carved a path full of mistakes and triumphs. However, throughout my life Coltrane's music has been a constant'.

Track Listing:
1. A Love Supreme - Sean Khan
2. Starchild - Sean Khan
3. Afro Blue - Sean Khan
4. Azawala - Sean Khan
5. Emilia's Pick - Sean Khan
6. Naima - Sean Khan
1. As We Came Out Of - Sean Khan
2. Giant Steps - Sean Khan
3. Moment's Notice - Sean Khan
4. The Savage Detectives - Sean Khan
5. Starchild (Kaidi Tatham Remix) - Sean Khan
6. Azawala (Kaidi Tatham Remix) - Sean Khan
1. Equinox - Sean Khan
2. Impressions - Sean Khan
3. Cousin Mary - Sean Khan
4. Equinox - Sean Khan
5. Giant Steps Outro - Sean Khan

Year of Production: 2021