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Learning how to let gois at the heart of Sigrid’s highly anticipated second album, “How To Let Go”, out now. Written over a period of intense self-reflection during the pandemic, How To Let Go is a masterpiece in pop alchemy. Taking Sigrid’s renowned powerhouse vocal and immediate pop hooks through a new lens of live instrumentation and experimental production, the follow-up to 2019’s top 5 debut Gold-certified Sucker Punch is an exploration into anthemic pop soundscapes and all written for Sigrid’s defining happy place: the stage. Over the past five years, we have witnessed an alternative pop star who has won critical acclaim, countless awards, and accolades, toured the globe, and sold more than 100,000 records on her debut, but has always stayed true to her Norwegian roots and made us feel both comfort and escapism in an ever-changing, unsure landscape. Already described as a stunning, optimist (LOBF) and thrilling (Guardian), How To Let Go features the self-love summer disco tune “Mirror”, the dance-like-no-one-is-watching “Burning Bridges”, the thundering powerhouse “It Gets Dark” and the recent colossal collaboration with UK rock band Bring Me The Horizon, “Bad Life”. Today, “Driver Saved My Night” is the latest song to be lifted from “How To Let Go”,an epic dance-synth tune inspired by the kindness of strangers and that moment when all you need is a taxi home; “you’re never alone when you listen to music,” says Sigrid.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. It Gets Dark
2. Burning Bridges
3. Risk Of Getting Hurt
4. Thank Me Later
5. Mirror
6. Last To Know

Side B
1. Dancer
2. A Driver Saved My Life
3. Mistake Like You
4. Grow
5. High Note