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When Broken Is Easily Fixed', Silverstein's debut studio album, is a jarring mixture of emo's earnest determination, elements of hardcore, catchy melodic hooks and even heavy metal. Originally released in 2003 after signing with Victory Records, this album would jumpstart a lengthy career in the Emo music scene - now spanning over 20 years and boasting over 1 million albums sold. The album features the breakout hit 'Smashed Into Pieces' and the fan favourite 'Giving Up.'

Track Listing:
1. Smashed Into Pieces - Silverstein 
2. Red Light Pledge - Silverstein 
3. Giving Up - Silverstein
4. November - Silverstein 
5. Last Days of Summer - Silverstein 
6. Bleeds No More - Silverstein 
7. Hear Me Out - Silverstein 
8. The Weak and the Wounded - Silverstein 
9. Wish I Could Forget You - Silverstein 
10. When Broken Is Easly Fixed (Feat. Kyle Bishop) - Silverstein 

Year of Production: 2003