Simone Felice has long dedicated his storied life to the arts, and perhaps his brushes with death during childhood, as heard in the song 'No Tomorrows', have proved an unlikely but powerful source of inspiration. 'All the Bright Coins' is Simone Felice's latest, arguably greatest devotion to song and the power of the words within it. Yet, like all artists worth their salt, he claims not to have quite grasped what he's been reaching for. 'All the Bright Coins' is a richly rewarding and inspired sound that makes a personal connection with the listener. It's built squarely on a bedrock of emotion, utilizing an acoustic guitar, and occasionally a piano to back the distinctive voice. It's a record that requires attention, a headphones record.

Track Listing:
1. Year Around the Sun - Simone Felice
2. Moonlight Promises - Simone Felice
3. The World's Fair (Feat. Four Tet) - Simone Felice
4. Puppet (Feat. Four Tet) - Simone Felice
5. 90s - Simone Felice
6. No Tomorrows - Simone Felice
7. All the Kings of the Earth - Simone Felice

Year of Production: 2022