Ninth studio album by the American garage rock band. Like so many dramatic moments in the Black Lips' career, 'Sing in a World That's Falling Apart' was born out of crisis. The band's stylistic evolution through decades of prolific touring and recording took them where no garage punk band had gone before - huge venues, network television shows, and major music festivals. Here Black Lips are at their grimiest, most dangerous and equipped with the best collection of songs since the aughts. Skidding onto the asphalt in a shower of sparks, they roll on with an unapologetic southern-fried twang, pacing the beast, every now and then dropping a psycho howl into the rubber room madness lurking underneath the truckstop fireworks.

Track Listing:
1. Hooker Jon - Black Lips
2. Chainsaw - Black Lips
3. Rumbler - Black Lips
4. Holding Me Holding You - Black Lips
5. Gentleman - Black Lips
6. Get It On Time - Black Lips
7. Angola Rodeo - Black Lips
8. Georgia - Black Lips
9. Odelia - Black Lips
10. Dishonest Man - Black Lips
11. Locust - Black Lips
12. Live Fast Die Slow - Black Lips

Year of Production: 2020