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'Skull Snaps' eponymous 1973 debut album has long been regarded as one of funk's greatest albums, not to mention one of the most sampled of all time. Many of the set's killer drum breaks have been recycled on hip-hop and dance records over the years, including those by the Prodigy, the Pharcyde, Gang Starr, DJ Shadow, Pete Rock and CL Smooth.

Track Listing:
1. My Hang Up Is You - Skull Snaps
2. Having You Around - Skull Snaps
3. Didn't I Do It to You - Skull Snaps
4. All of a Sudden - Skull Snaps
5. It's a New Day - Skull Snaps
6. I'm Your Pimp - Skull Snaps
7. I Turn My Back On Love - Skull Snaps
8. Trespassing - Skull Snaps
9. I'm Falling Out of Love - Skull Snaps

Year of Production: 1973