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Fourth studio album by the British glam band, originally released in 1974. For the album, Slade attempted to begin breaking away from their usual rock formula. For example, the singles 'My Friend Stan' and 'Everyday' were piano-led and did not have the typical 'Slade' sound.

Track Listing:
1. Just a Little Bit - Slade 
2. When the Lights Are Out - Slade 
3. My Town - Slade 
4. Find Yourself a Rainbow - Slade 
5. Miles Out to Sea - Slade 
6. We're Really Gonna Raise the Roof - Slade
7. Do We Still Do It - Slade 
8. How Can It Be - Slade 
9. Don't Blame Me - Slade 
10. My Friend Stan - Slade 
11. Everyday - Slade 
12. Good Time Gals - Slade 

Year of Production: 1974