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In advance of recording their fifth studio album, Leah, along with drummer Will Gorin, and bassist/producer Kyle Bann, sought to dramatically expand the band's sonic palette. Slothrust put an emphasis on incorporating new production techniques and processes into the established Slothrust sound, resulting in an extraordinary amount of experimental demo recordings, many elements of which appear themselves on the final record. They leaned into risk-taking - a freedom that comes with having been in a band together for more than 10 years, cultivating new sonic realms for each track.

Track Listing:
1. Cranium - Slothrust
2. Once More for the Ocean - Slothrust
3. Courtesy - Slothrust
4. The Next Curse - Slothrust
5. Strange Astrology - Slothrust
6. Waiting - Slothrust
7. King Arthur's Seat - Slothrust
8. A Giant Swallow - Slothrust
9. White Rabbits - Slothrust
10. Parallel Timeline - Slothrust

Year of Production: 2021