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In 2012, Snarky Puppy booked their first european tour through Facebook posts, begging people to help find a bar they could play in. Years later, on November 14th, 2019, Snarky Puppy recorded their sold-out show from the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London, which will be their first official live release in almost 4 years. Featuring an extended line-up of 15 out of their 18 regular members, the record includes many tracks from their studio album, 'Immigrance' (2019). 'Live at Royal Albert Hall' captures an interesting mix of new and old songs, illustrating their musical and artistic progression over the years.

Track Listing:
1. Even Us - Snarky Puppy 
2. Intelligent Design - Snarky Puppy 
3. While We're Young - Snarky Puppy 
4. Alma - Snarky Puppy 
1. Bad Kids to the Back - Snarky Puppy 
2. Bigly Strictness - Snarky Puppy 
3. Tarova - Snarky Puppy 
4. Xavi - Snarky Puppy 
1. Chonks - Snarky Puppy 
2. Sleeper - Snarky Puppy 
3. Shofukan - Snarky Puppy 

Year of Production: 2019