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With unflinching honesty, Bridie tackles everything from long-distance love, depression, divorce and social anxiety to the changing modern landscape (sexually, politically, emotionally). And it's accepting the jumble of emotions which make you 'you' that emerges as the ultimate message of 'Grim Town', with its suitably placeless universe in which everybody's personal 'Grim Town' looks different, but everybody's matters.

Track Listing:
1. All Aboard - Soak
2. Get Set Go Kid - Soak
3. Everybody Loves You - Soak
4. Knock Me Off My Feet - Soak
5. Maybe - Soak
6. Fall Asleep, Backseat - Soak
7. Crying Your Eyes Out - Soak
8. I Was Blue, Technicolour Too - Soak
9. Deja Vú - Soak
10. Scrapyard - Soak
11. Valentine Schmalentine - Soak
12. YBFTBYT - Soak
13. Life Trainee - Soak
14. Missed Calls - Soak
15. Nothing Looks the Same - Soak

Year of Production: 2019