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Forming part of the 'Spirit of '69' anniversary campaign, 'Sock It to Me' collects some of the rarest tracks from the Trojan catalogue. With the demand for original boss reggae sounds from the late '60s on the rise over the past decade, this stylishly designed collection is sure to attract the growing number of fans of the style.

Track Listing:
1. Sock It to Me - The Gaylads
2. You Promised Me Love - Bob Andy
3. Long About Now - Lloyd Charmers & The Hippy Boys
4. You Belong to My Heart - The Demons
5. It's Your Thing - Anonymously Yours
6. You Can't Stop Me - The Emotions
7. Israel - The Sparkers
8. I've Tried Before - The Impersonators
9. Sexy Woman - Hopeton Lewis & The Sexy Girls
10. Sweet Things We Do - The Harmonisers
11. My Devotion - Tony King & The Hippy Boys
12. Shangul - Tommy McCook and The Supersonics

Year of Production: 2019