A Whisp of the Atlantic', which might be the most pretentious and progressive song created by Soilwork this far, is all about alienation. 'If you came from a different realm, like the Atlantis, how would you experience our world? Or, how do we deal with the fact that our planet is a very different place because of the pandemic, and that we all have things that we miss that we might never get to experience again in their original form? Or is the world we live in now actually already the sunken world, from the ruins of which we might one day be able to build something better? I've always felt that Soilwork was a bit underrated as band, and that no one really understood what we were able to do. So I've had this dream for quite a few years to write a really epic song and show off what this band was really capable of', guitarist David Andersson states. After listening to the monumental, 'A Whisp of the Atlantic' that is both the heart and the momentum of the 2021 EP, no one will ever underestimate the Swedish modern metal force again.

Track Listing:
1. A Whisp of the Atlantic - Soilwork 
2. Feverish - Soilwork 
3. Desperado - Soilwork 
4. Death Diviner - Soilwork 
5. The Nothingness and the Devil - Soilwork 

Year of Production: 2021