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Third studio album by the French singer-songwriter, which follows her 2012 debut record 'I Thought I Was An Alien' and her second album 'My Dreams Dictate My Reality', released in 2015. 'Feel Feelings' features 12 tracks of dreamy, spacious, and searing songs about self-love, acceptance and all the complexities of life. A France-born singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, Soko is a figure known for her remarkable access to emotion- having earned two acting nominations at the César awards.

Track Listing:
1. Are You a Magician? - Soko
2. Being Sad Is Not a Crime - Soko
3. Blasphémie - Soko
4. Looking for Love - Soko
5. Oh, to Be a Rainbow! - Soko
6. Quiet Storm - Soko
7. Don't Tell Me to Smile - Soko
8. Replaceable Heads - Soko
9. Let Me Adore You - Soko
10. Now What? - Soko
11. Time Waits for No One - Soko
12. Hurt Me With Your Ego - Soko

Year of Production: 2020