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'Songs of Love and Hate' is the third studio album by Candian singer Leonard Cohen, released in 1971. 'Songs of Love and Hate' is one of Leonard Cohen's most emotionally intense albums -- which, given the nature of Cohen's body of work, is no small statement. If 'Songs of Love and Hate' isn't Cohen's best album, it comes close enough to be essential to anyone interested in his work.

Track Listing:
1. Avalanche - Leonard Cohen (5.07)
2. Last Year's Man - Leonard Cohen (6.02)
3. Dress Rehearsal Rag - Leonard Cohen (6.12)
4. Diamonds in the Mine - Leonard Cohen (3.52)
5. Love Calls You By Your Name - Leonard Cohen (5.44)
6. Famous Blue Raincoat - Leonard Cohen (5.15)
7. Sing Another Song, Boys - Leonard Cohen (6.17)
8. Joan of Arc - Leonard Cohen (6.29)
9. Dress Rehearsal Rag (Early Version) (Bonus Track) - Leonard Cohen (5.37)

Year of Production: 1971