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The debut album from Sons of Kemet, originally released in September 2013. It's partly the deployment of two drummers - and two powerhouse drummers at that - gives Sons of Kemet their compelling and infectious sound. Skinner and Rochford's visceral exchange of rhythmic ideas is an unforgettable, highly danceable experience. Throw into this one of the great wild cards of contemporary British music, Oren Marshall on tuba, and you have a wonderfully unorthodox configuration.

Track Listing:
1. All Will Surely Burn - Sons of Kemet (6.19)
2. The Godfather - Sons of Kemet (5.17)
3. Inner Babylon - Sons of Kemet (5.2)
4. The Book of Disquiet - Sons of Kemet (5.34)
5. Going Home - Sons of Kemet (3.53)
6. Adonia's Lullaby - Sons of Kemet (4.11)
7. Song for Galeano - Sons of Kemet (4.24)
8. Beware - Sons of Kemet (3.37)
9. The Itis - Sons of Kemet (2.29)
10. Rivers of Babylon - Sons of Kemet (8.38)

Year of Production: 2013