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Steam Down have released an incredible new single 'Empower', which is available now on Decca. It's the first taste of the hugely influential London collective's debut EP, 'Five Fruit', which will see a release on September 24th. After years of building a truly engaged community - and taking London's melting-pot to the world's stage - 'Empower' marks a thrilling new musical chapter for Steam Down. Uplifting, urgent and emotive, the track affirms the power of the listener, the strength of collective hopefulness, and the textures of London's inner-city subculture. Featuring the fast-paced verses of Tinyman and Afronaut Zu (alongside Theon Cross, who has played with Kano and Sons of Kemet), here is a sound that bridges grime with jazz, and turns it all into something unmistakably Steam Down.

Track Listing:
1. Five Fruit - Steam Down
2. Untie - Steam Down
3. Empower - Steam Down
4. Free My Skin II - Steam Down
5. Can't Hold Me Back - Steam Down

Year of Production: 2021