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The eleven tracks on 'Marigold' speak to Larsen's external and internal progression, bookended by first single 'Whisky & Blankets' and the final cut on the album, 'Phone Call From My Lover'. In between 'Marigold' and his earlier album, 'Resolute', Larsen fell in love only to fall into heartbreak and, ultimately, find the inspiration to write straight from the heart.

Track Listing:
1. We Got Struck By Lightning - Stu Larsen
2. Hurricane - Stu Larsen
3. Whisky & Blankets - Stu Larsen
4. Wires Crossed - Stu Larsen
5. Wide Awake & Dreaming - Stu Larsen
6. Where Have All the Leaves Gone? - Stu Larsen
7. Je Te Promets Demain - Stu Larsen
8. My Love My Love - Stu Larsen
9. Movement & Time - Stu Larsen
10. The Loudest Time - Stu Larsen
11. Phone Call from My Lover - Stu Larsen

Year of Production: 2020