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Produced by Simpson, the album was recorded primarily at the McGuire Motor Inn in Waterford, Michigan, with his bandmates Bobby Emmett, Chuck Bartels, Miles Miller, who all serve as co-producers along with Grammy nominee John Hill (Cage The Elephant, Portugal.The Man, Bleachers). The album - which Simpson describes as 'a sleazy, steamy rock n roll record' - is a marked departure from 2016's acclaimed 'A Sailor's Guide to Earth,' which won 'Best Country Album' and was nominated for 'Album of the Year' at the 59th Grammy Awards.

1. Ronin - Sturgill Simpson
2. Remember to Breathe - Sturgill Simpson
3. Sing Along - Sturgill Simpson
4. A Good Look - Sturgill Simpson
5. Make Art Not Friends - Sturgill Simpson
6. Best Clockmaker On Mars - Sturgill Simpson
7. All Said and Done - Sturgill Simpson
8. Last Man Standing - Sturgill Simpson
9. Mercury in Retrograde - Sturgill Simpson
10. Fastest Horse in Town - Sturgill Simpson

Year of Production:2019