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Palabras Urgentes' is not just another album in Susana Baca's discography; it is a musical creation, a collection of songs, intended to take on today's difficult times. The album was not created to be just a beautiful distraction or as a means to charm the listener - on the contrary, Susana has recorded this album as a form of protest and to spark debate. Immersed in her country's political landscape Susana Baca has come to understand and value the importance of being the heir to singers that once sung for liberty, social equality and for the end of racism. There is a bleak shadow over Peru's recent history and the only way forward is by confronting the past. 'Palabras Urgentes' is a collection of 10 songs that attempts to bottle the heritage and tradition of those that once fought for a better world and it uses the most powerful weapon to fight injustice: knowledge.

Track Listing:
1. La Herida Oscura - Susana Baca
2. Negra Del Alma - Susana Baca
3. Color De Rosa - Susana Baca
4. Milonga De Mis Amores - Susana Baca
5. Cariño - Susana Baca
6. Cambalache - Susana Baca
7. Sorongo - Susana Baca
8. Juana Azurduy - Susana Baca
9. Dämmerung - Susana Baca
10. Vestida De Vida - Susana Baca

Year of Production: 2021