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Their most powerful album since 2013's wildly acclaimed 'Chatma', 'Tamotaït' finds the band not only turning up the volume but also sharpening their meditative atmospherics and ruminations on the state of the Sahara and the world beyond. Features acclaimed Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra and a track cut with Japanese traditional musicians

Track Listing:
1. Awnafin - Tamikrest
2. Azawad - Tamikrest
3. Amzagh - Tamikrest
4. Amidinin Tad Adouniya - Tamikrest
5. As Sastnan Hidjan - Tamikrest
6. Timtarin - Tamikrest
7. Tihoussay - Tamikrest
8. Anha Achal Wad Namda - Tamikrest
9. Tabsit - Tamikrest

Year of Production: 2020