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Brimming with their trademark blazing guitar riffs and solos, soaring falsetto and immeasurable rock 'n' roll extravagance, Justin says, 'Motorheart rocks harder than anything we've done before. It makes me happy and proud to crank it up and literally shake my Swiss chalet to its foundations. Dan did an awesome job on the production, it'll take your face off, but your skull will be grinning from meatus to meatus. Please, to enjoy'.

Track Listing:
1. Welcome Tae Glasgae - The Darkness
2. It's Love, Jim - The Darkness
3. Motorheart - The Darkness
4. The Power and the Glory of Love - The Darkness
5. Jussy's Girl - The Darkness
6. Sticky Situations - The Darkness
7. Nobody Can See Me Cry - The Darkness
8. Eastbound - The Darkness
9. Speed of the Nite Time - The Darkness

Year of Production: 2021