Originally released mid-January 2006, The Kooks' debut album 'Inside In / Inside Out', Virgin Records/UMC celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2021 with a deluxe edition featuring the original album remastered plus thirteen previously unreleased tracks. A record that fizzes with the exuberance of youth, 'Inside In / Inside Out' is a certified classic of British indie which continues to win new fans as its remarkable streaming figures prove. The album contains the singles, 'Eddie's Gun', 'Sofa Song', 'You Don't Love Me', 'Naive', 'She Moves in Her Own Way', and 'Ooh La'. It was produced by Tony Hoffer.

Track Listing:
1. Seaside - The Kooks 
2. See the World - The Kooks 
3. Sofa Song - The Kooks
4. Eddie's Gun - The Kooks
5. Ooh La - The Kooks
6. You Don't Love Me - The Kooks
7. She Moves in Her Own Way - The Kooks
8. Matchbox - The Kooks
9. Naïve - The Kooks
10. I Want You - The Kooks
11. If Only - The Kooks
12. Jackie Big Tits - The Kooks
13. Time Awaits - The Kooks
14. Got No Love - The Kooks
1. Seaside (Alternative Take) - The Kooks
2. Ooh La (Alternative Take) - The Kooks
3. Tell Them from Me (Bonus Track) - The Kooks
4. Sofa Song (Original Studio Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks
5. My Thoughts Are My Own (Bonus Track) - The Kooks
6. You Don't Love Me (Acoustic Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks
7. Constantine's Love (Early Studio Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks
8. Matchbox (Original Studio Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks
9. She Moves in Her Own Way (Alternative Take) - The Kooks
10. In My Opinion (Bonus Track) - The Kooks
11. Theory of a Pop Star (Cassette Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks
12. Naïve (Alternative Take) - The Kooks
13. Inaudible Melodies (Bonus Track) - The Kooks
14. Something to Say (Original Studo Demo) (Demo) - The Kooks

Year of Production: 2006