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Whilst the outside world closes-in on The Lathums close-knit bubble of offbeat humour, free-flowing jangle-indie and lyrics of unrestrained optimism, The Lathums opted to keep their launch proudly local by setting up a Lathums Emporium at Wigan Market on 31st July 2021. 'How Beautiful Life Can Be' was recorded at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool. In the company of producers, James Skelly and Chris Taylor, pushes The Lathums' remarkable story into the next, even more exciting phase. 'The Great Escape', having been previously self-released by the young band, emerges from the album sessions in sparkling, new form, whilst retaining the melodic stardust that caused the first rumblings of the social-media led stampede to their early gigs.

Track Listing:
1. Circles of Earth - The Lathums
2. I'll Get By - The Lathums
3. Fight On - The Lathums
4. How Beautiful Life Can Be - The Lathums
5. The Great Escape - The Lathums
6. I Won't Lie - The Lathums
7. I See Your Ghost - The Lathums
8. Oh My Love - The Lathums
9. I'll Never Forget the Time I Spent With You - The Lathums
10. I Know That Much - The Lathums
11. Artifical Screens - The Lathums
12. The Redemption of Sonic Beauty - The Lathums

Year of Production: 2021

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