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Reissue of classic psychobilly standard-bearers The Meteors' 'Doing the Lord's Work' from 2012. Over more than 3 decades, The Meteors have been fiercely carrying the banner of pure psychobilly. Raucous, die-hard and wildly entertaining mix of rockabilly, country, surf and punk rock combined with horror themes, 'Doing the Lord's Work' would be the perfect accompaniment during a visit to the bar in dusk til dawn, or a night hammering tequila and breaking the law.

Track Listing:
1. My Psychobilly Syndrome (Bloody Pit of Horror Mix) - The Meteors
2. It's a Long Way Down - The Meteors
3. My Life for Thee - The Meteors
4. She Screams Out My Name - The Meteors
5. The Man in the Cunt Skin Mask - The Meteors
6. The Last Temptation (Was You) - The Meteors
7. Paranoid - The Meteors
8. Strange Times Are Coming - The Meteors
9. The Shredder - The Meteors
10. Girl Meat Fever - The Meteors
11. Drag You Down to Hell - The Meteors
1. Ain't No Turning Back - The Meteors
2. Don't Blame Me - The Meteors
3. The Day the Earth Dripp'd Blood - The Meteors
4. Hell Must Be Empty (All the Demons Are Here) - The Meteors
5. Fuck Your World - The Meteors

Year of Production: 2012