Originally a Treasure Isle LP, 'On the Beach' by The Paragons sold well in Jamaica and also became a hit in England (where reggae and ska have been huge since the '60s). One of reggae's finest vocal harmony groups of the '60s, the Paragons were the reggae equivalent of soulsters like the Four Tops, the Delfonics and the Miracles - and it's impossible to miss the northern soul influence on such gems as 'Island in the Sun,' 'Happy-Go-Lucky Girl', 'Only a Smile' and their most famous hit, 'The Tide Is High' (which Blondie covered with splendid results in 1980).

Track Listing:
1. On the Beach - The Paragons
2. Island in the Sun - The Paragons
3. When the Lights Are Low - The Paragons
4. The Tide Is High - The Paragons
5. So Much Pain - The Paragons
6. Only a Smile - The Paragons
7. I Want to Go Back - The Paragons
8. Happy-go-lucky Girl - The Paragons
9. Yellow Bird - The Paragons
10. Village Girl - The Paragons

Year of Production: 1967