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Twelfth and final studio album by the Irish rock band, originally released in 1983. Guitarist John Sykes was hired to replace Snowy White after 1981's 'Renegade', and Sykes helped to provide a heavier sound and guitar tone than Thin Lizzy had used on previous albums. However, the bulk of the songwriting (except for 'Cold Sweat') was completed before he joined the band. Keyboard player Darren Wharton also offered a stronger musical influence to Thin Lizzy's final studio album, co-writing many of the tracks including 'Some Day She Is Going to Hit Back', and the final single 'The Sun Goes Down'.

Track Listing:
1. Thunder and Lightning - Thin Lizzy 
2. This Is the One - Thin Lizzy 
3. The Sun Goes Down - Thin Lizzy 
4. The Holy War - Thin Lizzy 
5. Cold Sweat - Thin Lizzy 
6. Someday She Is Going to Hit Back - Thin Lizzy 
7. Baby, Please Don't Go - Thin Lizzy 
8. Bad Habits - Thin Lizzy 
9. Heart Attack - Thin Lizzy 

Year of Production: 1983