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Tim Hecker's incredible score to 'The North Water', starring Colin Farrell and Jack O'Connell. 'The score for the film was written just before and during the pandemic in 2020, mostly over arguably one of the darkest winters of some memory in Montreal', says Hecker. 'The music was an attempt to add depth and texture to a five-hour doomed arctic journey that charts a trajectory from hardened optimism into abject futility. We worked with a primary palette of synthesizers, electronics, and treated cello, in rich live spaces as well as suffocating dead ones. This version of the score is an enhanced mix of some of the material that made its way into the project'.

Track Listing:
1. Seasick - Tim Hecker (4.4)
2. First On Deck - Tim Hecker (1.54)
3. Delirious Hunt - Tim Hecker (2.45)
4. Seasick II - Tim Hecker (1.57)
5. Left On the Ice - Tim Hecker (3.53)
6. Our First Whale - Tim Hecker (4.52)
7. Ice Row - Tim Hecker (1.5)
8. It's a Mistake to Think Too Much - Tim Hecker (2.4)
9. The Warmth of Drax - Tim Hecker (3.25)
10. Winter's Coming - Tim Hecker (3.5)
11. Loot - Tim Hecker (2.34)
12. A Breather - Tim Hecker (2.24)
13. Seasick III - Tim Hecker (2.52)
14. Twinkle in the Wasteland - Tim Hecker (3.41)
15. Starting Over Again - Tim Hecker (2.35)

Year of Production: 2022