Songs of Loss and Separation', the sprawling second album from Times of Grace, is insistent in its bluesiness, bleeding distortion and emotion, weaving effortlessly between pensive, heavy, midtempo rock riffs and atmosphere. The band's sophomore effort and first since 2011 channels a haunting romanticism and deep spiritual yearning that collide in beautiful melancholy. The vocal interplay of Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach makes for a rich, dense, and enthralling concoction, powering through various trips through dark nights of the soul and mind-expanding excursions into the wild.

Track Listing:
1. The Burden of Belief - Times of Grace
2. Mend You - Times of Grace
3. Rescue - Times of Grace
4. Far from Heavenless - Times of Grace
5. Bleed Me - Times of Grace
6. Medusa - Times of Grace
7. Currents - Times of Grace
8. To Carry the Weight - Times of Grace
9. Cold - Times of Grace
10. Forever - Times of Grace

Year of Production: 2021