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Hudson Mohawke and Lunice are back as TNGHT 's crescent moon is appearing once again from behind heavy cloud. It has been seven years since their prodigious debut which accidentally changed the sound of the pop music caught in its wake. The pair of bedroom-producers-come-super-producers come from Glasgow and Montreal and have aligned once again on a record which aims to chew up and spit out every influence in an exhilarating seven tracks.

Track Listing:
1. Serpent - TNGHT (2.5)
2. Dollaz - TNGHT (3.13)
3. First Body - TNGHT (2.58)
4. Club Finger - TNGHT (2.53)
5. What_it_is - TNGHT (2.52)
6. Skit - TNGHT (0.04)
7. I'm in a Hole - TNGHT (3.31)
8. Gimme Summn - TNGHT (3.47)

Year of Production: 2020