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In 2010, Tom Jones emerged clasping 'Praise & Blame' - a soul-baring collection that at long last unveiled his musical roots and lifelong affection for gospel and the blues. A decade followed with intriguing reveals via 'Spirit in the Room' and 'Long Lost Suitcase', reaffirming his unique gifts, his standing in popular music and bringing him to a hitherto untapped audience. Now, at the age of 80, Tom proudly presents his latest musical adventure, 'Surrounded By Time'. Co-produced by Ethan Johns and Mark Woodward, 'Surrounded By Time' marks out new territory with a sonic landscape of outstanding musicianship and a vocal delivery that re-imagines a diverse set of songs of personal importance that have impacted the artist throughout a long, unpredictable but undeniably impressive career. 'Surrounded By Time' inhabits new ground, with 'Talking Reality Television Blues' a startling opener that catalogues the impact and changing role of television from its beginning to current times. A driving, almost menacing track accompanies a cool, spoken-word vocal from a performer who has an intimate personal and working knowledge of this cultural force.

Track Listing:
1. I Won't Crumble With You If You Fall - Tom Jones
2. The Windmills of Your Mind - Tom Jones
3. Popstar - Tom Jones
4. No Hole in My Head - Tom Jones
5. Talking Reality Television Blues - Tom Jones
6. I Won't Lie - Tom Jones
7. This Is the Sea - Tom Jones
8. One More Cup of Coffee - Tom Jones
9. Samson and Delilah - Tom Jones
10. Mother Earth - Tom Jones
11. I'm Growing Old - Tom Jones
12. Lazarus Man - Tom Jones

Year of Production: 2021