Tony Rice was the most influential and emulated Bluegrass guitarist ever. He established the gold standard for both lead and rhythm playing, merging a deep appreciation for tradition with impactful innovation. 'California Autumn' was Tony's first serious solo record, produced by the Seldom Scene's John Starling and mixed by the legendary George Massenberg. It was momentous for several reasons. It was the occasion of the initial meeting and first recordings of two of the brightest lights of Bluegrass's new generation: Tony and Ricky Skaggs; and it marked the first of Tony's many legendary recordings with a young Jerry Douglas.

Track Listing:
1. California Autumn - Tony Rice (3.27)
2. Bullet Man - Tony Rice (2.58)
3. Mr. Poverty - Tony Rice (2.55)
4. Billy in the Lowground - Tony Rice (2.47)
5. Red Haired Boy - Tony Rice (3.28)
6. Good Woman's Love - Tony Rice (3.11)
7. You Don't Know My Mind - Tony Rice (3.02)
8. Alone and Forsaken - Tony Rice (3.28)
9. Bugle Call Rag - Tony Rice (2.49)
10. Georgia On My Mind - Tony Rice (3.2)
11. Scarborough Fair - Tony Rice (2.43)
12. Beaumont Rag - Tony Rice (3.16)

Year of Production: 1990

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