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The sixth studio album by the German electronic music band. It saw the group refine their melodic electronic style, with a focus on sequenced rhythms, minimalism, and occasionally manipulated vocals. The themes include celebrations of the titular European railway service and Europe as a whole, and meditations on the disparities between reality and appearance. Features the singles 'Trans-Europe Express' and 'Showroom Dummies'.

Track Listing:
1. Europe Endless - Kraftwerk (9.4)
2. The Hall of Mirrors - Kraftwerk (7.54)
3. Showroom Dummies - Kraftwerk (6.13)
4. Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk (6.52)
5. Metal On Metal - Kraftwerk (6.43)
6. Franz Schubert - Kraftwerk (4.26)
7. Endless Endless - Kraftwerk (0.55)

Year of Production: 1977