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'Transformer' is the second solo studio album by American artist Lou Reed, released in 1972. David Bowie offered Lou Reed some much needed help with his career, which was stuck in neutral after his first solo album came and went. The sound and style of 'Transformer' would in many ways define Reed's career in the 1970s, and while it led him into a style that proved to be a dead end, you can't deny that Bowie and Ronson gave their hero a new lease on life -- and a solid album in the bargain.

Track Listing:
1. Vicious - Lou Reed (2.55)
2. Andy's Chest - Lou Reed (3.17)
3. Perfect Day - Lou Reed (3.45)
4. Hangin' 'Round - Lou Reed (3.32)
5. Walk On the Wild Side - Lou Reed (4.13)
6. Make Up - Lou Reed (2.56)
7. Satellite of Love - Lou Reed (3.39)
8. Wagon Wheel - Lou Reed (3.19)
9. New York Telephone Conversation - Lou Reed (1.32)
10. I'm So Free - Lou Reed (3.08)
11. Goodnight Ladies - Lou Reed (4.2)

Year of Production: 1972