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Maxinquaye' was the first album by English rapper and producer Tricky, aka Adrian Thaws, after emerging as a solo artist, independent of the Massive Attack collective. Released in 1995, 'Maxinquaye', named after his mother Maxine Quaye, features his then girlfriend, vocalist Martina Topley-Bird. Unshackled from the limited role he had played in Massive Attack, a solo album allowed Thaw to explore and integrate a wide variety of influences into his music. It went on to sell half a million copies which significantly elevated his standing within the hip hop genre.

Track Listing:
1. Overcome - Tricky
2. Ponderosa - Tricky
3. Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos - Tricky
4. Hell Is Round the Corner - Tricky
5. Pumpkin - Tricky
6. Aftermath - Tricky

Year of Production: 1995