On their seventh full-length album, Underoath has once again found brilliance in walking the line between reinvention and the foundational elements of the project. The story of 'Voyeurist' traces back to their 2020 livestream event, Underoath: 'Observatory'. The success of 'Observatory', which was orchestrated largely by the band, provided the confidence for them to self-produce their next record for the first time. The result is the most collaborative album of Underoath's career and, anchored in a profound respect for each other, one that left no stone unturned creatively. The band refers to it as 'high-def violence' - technologically advanced, but undeniably visceral. Conceptually, 'Voyeurist' has several interrelated meanings, each tying back to the concepts of how we curate ourselves through social media and how that facade masks a lot of what we actually experience in life.

Track Listing:
1. Damn Excuses - Underoath
2. Hallelujah - Underoath
3. I'm Pretty Sure I'm Out of Luck and Have No Friends - Underoath
4. Cycle (Feat. Ghostemane) - Underoath
5. Thorn - Underoath
6. (No Oasis) - Underoath
7. Take a Breath - Underoath
8. We're All Gonna Die - Underoath
9. Numb - Underoath
10. Pneumonia - Underoath

Year of Production: 2021