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A first of its kind document of all female-fronted U.K. and Irish punk, powerpop, new wave, hard rock and synth-pop 45s! A selection from a dozen of the greatest and rarest femme-vox 7's - including April South, The Russians, Teacher's Pet, Metropolis and more.

Track Listing:
1. No Title - The Russians
2. Fade Away - Cheap Cinema
3. Tall Stories - Glass Torpedoes
4. I Like Motorcycles - Vermillion and The Aces
5. Heroes of the Night - April South and The Pennies
6. No More Tears - The Chevrons
7. Missing Person - Teacher's Pet
8. Another Bottle of Wine - Houston We Have A Problem
9. Love Is Necessary - The Cry
10. See No Reason - Metropolis
11. You Took the Risk/All I Want to Do (Is Fall in Love With You) - Three Phase