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The album consists of two cultures borrowing and exchanging ideas from one another, mixing them, and then laying them down on tape to create something special and original. Collectively, all songs are original compositions and carefully selected classics that embody the style of the golden era of Latin soul.

Track Listing:
1. Ain't No Big Thing - Johnny Hernandez
2. One Woman Man - Aaron Frazer with David Hidalgo
3. Love Reverberation - Johnny Benavidez
4. Boogaloo En Monterey - Ruben Ramos with Charlie Sexton
5. Joey - Paul Shalda with the Tall Trees
6. Funky Chick - Brownout with Tomar Williams
7. Look at My Soul - The Black Pumas with Kam Franklin
8. I Wanna Be Free - Tomar Williams with Steve Berlin
9. I've Got Soul - David Marez
10. Just You and Me - Amalia Mondragon
11. Cumbia Luna Negra - Grupo Fantasma featuring Tomar Williams
12. Devil in Disguise - Johnny Benavidez

Year of Production: 2018