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To mark the 100 year anniversary of the Irish Free State, Claddagh Records release 'Rebel Irishwomen'. Originally released in 1966, the original 7-inch vinyl brought listeners into the personal experiences, recollections and songs of three women who were particularly associated with the1916 Rising. Helena Molony, Maud Gonne McBride and Kathleen Behan, were 'among the militant nationalists' who were passionate about Irish independence. The reissue reminds us of the significance of the 1966 commemoration and opens a window on the deeper impact of the role of women and the ways in which their role had been previously represented. In addition to celebrating the rebel women who were active in 1916, this 2022 release also includes new interpretations of the music and songs heard in the original issue. These new versions illustrate how fresh and vibrant the songs remain in the twenty-first century, in the hands of outstanding artists of the stature of Niamh Bury and the female vocal group 'Landless'. Both the personal memories and the songs give us an opportunity to share in the feelings experienced by the rebel women caught in the midst of terror, death and drama of the 1916 Rising.

Track Listing:
1. The Story of Easter Rising (Pt. 1) - Helena Molony
2. The Story of Easter Rising (Pt. 2) - Helena Molony
3. Erin Go Bragh - Kathleen Behan
4. Law and Order in Ireland - Maud Gonne MacBride
5. Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week/Erin Go Bragh/Labours Call - Kathleen Behan
6. Erin Go Bragh - Niamh Bury
7. Down By the Glenside - Niamh Bury
8. Who Fears to Speak of Easter Week - Landless
9. The Tri-coloured Ribbon - Landless

Year of Production: 1966