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Following on from the huge success of the vinyl issues of Decca's famed 'Scene' CD series on last year's Record Store Day, Decca's 90th birthday activities are concluded with the release of four further titles highlighting Decca's fabulous way with a three-minute pop-song - 'The Beat Scene', 'The Blues Scene', 'The Girls Scene' and 'The Rock 'n' Roll Scene'. Some artists you will know, some you won't, but everything adds to a sumptuous whole - more stories highlighting another side of an amazing label.

Track Listing:
1. Oo-chang-a-lang - The Orchids
2. Let Him Go - Antoinette Jenny
3. Girls Only You Can Do It - The Vernons
4. Two Lovers - Louise Cordet
5. The Boy from Chelsea - Truly Smith
6. You Just Gotta Know My Mind - Dana Gillespie
7. Hey Boy - Barry St John
8. When Love Is True - Susan Hampshire
9. Save the Last Dance for Me - Jean Martin
10. When the Lovelight Starts Shining Thru His Eyes - Beryl Marsden
11. My Friend Bobby - Pamela Blue
12. Sugar Baby - Jackie Frisco
1. I'll Give It Five - Janice Nicholls
2. What a Guy - Bobbie Miller
3. Give Me Rhythm and Blues - The Mysteries
4. Till You Say You'll Be Mine - Olivia Newton-John
5. Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind - Vashti
6. Is This What I Get for Loving You? - Marianne Faithfull
7. Nobody's Home to Go Home To - Billie Davis
8. Rain On My Face - Shape & Sizes
9. Child You - Lorraine
10. And the Trouble With Me Is You - Linda Flavell
11. Shang a Doo Lang - Adrienne Poster
12. Try to Understand - Lulu
13. Soldier Boy - The Exceptions