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In 1965 the 20th Century Fox motion picture version of 'The Sound of Music' was released in theatres. With music written and composed by Rodgers & Hammerstein, the film boasted a dream cast: Julie Andrews as Maria, Christopher Plummer as the Captain, Eleanor Parker as Elsa and Peggy Wood as the Mother Abbess. The film made Hollywood history; after the premiere at the Rivoli Theatre in New York, the run of engagements in movie theaters lasted a stunning 4 1/2 years internationally, playing its final showing December 8, 1969. Winner of five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Scoring of Music, 'The Sound of Music' has since become the most popular movie musical ever made. The soundtrack features popular favourites like: 'Edelweiss', 'My Favourite Things', 'Climb Every Mountain', 'Do-Re-Mi', 'Sixteen Going on Seventeen', 'The Lonely Goatherd' and 'The Sound of Music'.

Track Listing:
1. Prelude and the Sound of Music - Maria
2. Overture and Preludium (Dixit Dominus) - Orchestra and Nuns Chorus
3. Morning Hymn and Alleluia - Nuns Chorus
4. Maria - Nuns Chorus
5. I Have Confidence - Maria
6. Sixteen Going On Seventeen - Rolf and Liesl
7. My Favorite Things - Maria
8. Climb Ev'ry Mountain - Mother Abbess
9. The Lonely Goatherd - Maria and the Children
10. The Sound of Music - The Children and the Captain
11. Do-re-mi - Maria and the Children
12. Something Good - Maria and The Captain
13. Processional and Maria (The Wedding) - Organ, Orchestra and Nuns Chorus
14. Edelweiss - The Captain, Maria, the Children and Chorus
15. So Long, Farewell - The Children
16. Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise) - Chorus and Orchestra

Year of Production: 1965