While working on 'Måsstaden Under Vatten' the band also revamped their two first releases. Buster Odeholm comments: 'Before I joined Vildhjarta they were my favourite band. However, I always felt the production could be a lot better and serve the songs a lot more. After joining I asked for the files from those albums to be able to try my own approach. I've re-programmed/produced bass and drums from scratch. For producing the drums on 'Thousands of Evils (forte)' I got some help from Chris George from Sworn In. I've also remixed and remastered both albums. This has been going on a long time and a lot of remixing has been done as the years have gone by, but now it's finally time to release it'.

Track Listing:
1. Shadow (Forte) - Vildhjarta
2. Dagger (Forte) - Vildhjarta
3. Eternal Golden Monk (Forte) - Vildhjarta
4. Benblåst (Forte) - Vildhjarta
5. Östpeppar (Forte) - Vildhjarta
6. Traces (Forte) - Vildhjarta
7. Phobon Nika (Forte) - Vildhjarta
8. Måsstadens Nationalsång (Forte) - Vildhjarta
9. When No One Walks With You (Forte) - Vildhjarta
10. All These Feelings (Forte) - Vildhjarta
11. Nojja (Forte) - Vildhjarta
12. Deceit (Forte) - Vildhjarta
13. The Lone Deranger (Forte) - Vildhjarta