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Clocking in at 80 minutes, it thematically picks up where the dark Swedish fable of 2011's Måsstaden left off and delivers on the promise that record hinted at. Tracks like the recently released 'när de du älskar kommer tillbaka från de döda' ('When the Ones You Love Return From the Dead') find Vildhjarta's music on the move, suggesting a newfound subtlety and sophistication amidst the bombast and beauty in the breakdown. Since dropping a minute of new live music in 2016, the band's focus has almost entirely been on the new album with drummer and now noted producer, Buster Odeholm (also known for his work with Born of Osiris, Shadow of Intent and drumming with Humanity's Last Breath amongst others) heavily involved in the production, mixing and mastering of the music.

Track Listing:
1. Lavender Haze - Vildhjarta
2. När De Du Älskar Kommer Tillbaka Från De Döda - Vildhjarta
3. Kaos2 - Vildhjarta
4. Toxin - Vildhjarta
5. Brännmärkt - Vildhjarta
6. Den Helige Anden (Under Vatten) - Vildhjarta
7. Passage Noir - Vildhjarta
8. Måsstadens Nationalsång (Under Vatten) - Vildhjarta
9. Heartsmear - Vildhjarta
1. Vagabond - Vildhjarta
2. Mitt Trötta Hjarta - Vildhjarta
3. Detta Drömmars Sköte En Slöja Till Ormars Näste - Vildhjarta
4. Phantom Assassin - Vildhjarta
5. Sunset Sunrise - Vildhjarta
6. Sunset Sunrise Sunset Sunrise - Vildhjarta
7. Penny Royal Poison - Vildhjarta
8. Paaradiso - Vildhjarta

Year of Production: 2021